Debate article on the unemployment fund inquiry in Arbetsvärlden magazine

Stephen Schad, chairman of the Umbrella Employment Organization, comments the recently presented parliamentary inquiry on the Swedish unemployment funds in a debate article in Arbetsvärlden magazine.

During the corona crisis the need for an inclusive and fair unemployment insurance has become evident yet again. This brought high expectations when the findings of the inquiry were submitted to the minister of labour on the 16th of June, 2020.

Despite the explicit ambition to face up to the requirements of modern forms of work status, the inquiry failed to create necessary guidelines specifying who has the right to unemployment benefits. The consequence of this will be that persons who lack a traditional work status will continue to have to deal with the praxis that for years has led to a lack of security and predictability.

It’s high time that the laws which regulate the unemployment insurance funds are adapted to the existing prerequisites that apply for modern working conditions.

Please read the article in its entirety in Swedish here.



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