We want to start a

an unemployment fund for task-based workers

Where umbrella-employed, freelancers, gig-workers and consultants have the same opportunities as traditional employees to receive a fair assessment of their rights to qualify for unemployment insurance


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What do we want to achieve

with the new unemployment fund?

A correct unemployment fund

A fund that performs correct assessments and that does not exploit vague legislation to deny claims made by contract workers for unemployment benefits from the unemployment insurance funds.

A fair unemployment fund

A fair unemployment insurance fund that can handle the modern job-market in which contract workers, freelancers, gig-workers and combined self-employed employees are growing in number.

An equal unemployment fund

An equal and fair unemployment fund that does not categorize workers into a `A team and a B team´, but rather values every worker equally regardless of how their work is organized.

Do you have personal experiences of an unemployment fund?

Here you can read about other’s experiences and share your own . Of course, you can remain anonymous regarding your experience. Please include this preference, and any other important information, when you contact us.

What happens


In order to start an unemployment fund, we need to be at least 10 000 members who join together in an association.

Once we are 10 000 members, a request will be sent to the IAF (The inspection for unemployment funds) along with a motivating letter explaining why the fund is needed. This is required to formally create the unemployment fund. Then we will be approved by the IAF and the other unemployment funds in Sweden.

Why do we want to start an unemployment fund for contract workers?

We want to start an unemployment fund for contract workers to enable everyone who works on a contract basis to receive a correct and fair assessment of whether they qualify for benefits from the unemployment insurance fund.

The current legislation and application of the law is not adapted to contract-based work.

Unfortunately, the fact that the social safety net is facing major challenges comes as no surprise. This has become especially evident following the corona epidemic. One of several issues is low predictability in regard to the rules and conditions which creates unnecessary confusion and makes it difficult to receive support. In certain cases, this has led to unwarranted demands for reimbursement and calling into question of how the contract-based worker practices their profession. Moreover, the unclear regulatory framework and ignorance about contract work within the existing unemployment funds contributes to a general lack of security which can have both a social and economic impact.

We are doing this to create a socially sustainable life for people who work contract-based jobs. We claim that contract-based work can create a lot of value for both individuals and our shared society. Rather than forcing people into passivity and unemployment, society will benefit from recognizing and acknowledging people who want to sieze their potential. That is how we create the jobs of tomorrow and that is how we ensure that Sweden remains competitive on a global scale. 

We are behind this

Stephen Schad


Joakim stiwenius

Board member

anna norman

Board member

Matz Wiking